Camping Perlenau, Monschau / Eifel NationalparkCamping im Nationalpark Eifel, direkt am Eifelsteig


Prices 2015 reduced!
Tax benefits (hotel tax),
we give to our guests.

Price List

Prices per night:

Caravan slot
big (caravan / mobile home site or tent)10,00€/N
small (tent, motorbike, bicycle)7,00€/N
Prices per night
3,00€add. tent3,50€
2,60€now showers for free (without coins)
3,00€ (incl. 4 kW)
as of 7N 0,60€/kW
incl. waste disposal per person 1,00€

Groups (10 persons + ) on the tent ground
Per person8,00€/N
Please park cars outside!
Day visitors
Per person2,00€
Per car1,50€
Season sites
Season sites only on request

Camping Perlenau


Monschau is a unique jewel of historical value. The historical Old Town is characterised by the medieval castle ruins, and its half-timbered and stone houses and offers its visitors a rich mosaic of art, culture and museums.

Daffodil Meadows

Thousands of wild daffodils turn the nature protection area of Perlbach and Fuhrtsbachtal into a veritable sea of yellow flowers ? a real wonder of nature that can be seen from the end of March to May.