Small warning for party people!

We’re not a party place, and we don’t want to be one.
We would like to offer a place for people who are looking for experiences and relaxation in nature.
Unfortunately, we have found that some guests and groups come to us who primarily want to celebrate and only see the house rules that apply on the site as a loose suggestion.
That is why we have introduced the following rules:
• No large jukeboxes. Large = Anything larger than a small shoe box.
• No music above room volume at any time of the day.
• No binges, no drinking games, and no bawling. Also here: At no time of day.
• No hookahs.
• After 11pm it’s quiet and all electronic music is strictly forbidden. All boxes must then be switched off, including mobile phones.
There is no discussion about any of these points. Anyone who breaks the rules must leave. No refund of room rate and deposit.
Our house rules and the general terms and conditions provide for this, they are part of the contract that is concluded with the booking.
Chilling, barbecuing and a few beers with friends: no problem. You’re welcome!
A lot of beer with a lot of friends and with the corresponding noise: Sorry – please find another destination.








Camping in the heart of the “Eifel National Park”,

directly on the Eifelsteig – Monschau / Perlenau





Nature camping in its original form.

Cozy get-together with a campfire atmosphere.


Tent field

Quaint atmosphere between Perlbach and the adjacent forest. From here there are wonderful hiking trails in all directions. The famous Eifelsteig leads directly over the tent meadow.


Monschau -The pearl of the Eifel-

A 20-minute walk across the campsite along the idyllic Perlbach to Monschau.


The Perlenbach

Natural playground also for smaller children.